We humans have a responsibility to pick up our trash before it gets into the Russian River.  The discarded objects of human consumption can have a serious negative effect on wildlife and water quality.  Everything from motor oil on a paved parking lot, to cigarette butts to household trash that was purposely dumped into the river bank needs to get taken to its proper place so that our beloved river can stay clean!


Then, there is the touchy subject of homeless people living in our waterways, under bridges, and allowing all their junk to wash downstream.  We must strive for communication with these camps and work towards a cleaner solution to what you see below.  Our partners at Clean River Alliance have made ground-breaking strides to work with the homeless community on the Russian River and have prevented thousands of pounds of homeless trash from being swept into the river and out to sea.


Russian River Watershed Cleanup

Please join us on Saturday, September 16th 2017 for an organized effort to clean up and remove trash from the Russian River and its tributaries, from Redwood Valley to Jenner.  Please visit the Watershed Cleanup website to sign-up, and for more information and updates.