Ariel Majorana

Environmental Justice Outreach Specialist

Ariel has lived in Northern California her whole life, and can’t get enough of its natural beauty.  She left Point Arena to pursue a Bachelors degree in Communications and Liberal Studies and a Masters degree in Equity and Social Justice at San Francisco State University, while working in informal science education and youth development for 10 years.  She now lives in Guerneville and is committed to protecting the Russian River watershed and advocating for accessible, clean water for all people.

Her drive to work toward principles of environmental justice come from a combination of growing up off-grid, as close to the natural environment as you can get, and studying inequities in every aspect of our social structure. Ariel takes a personal interest in protecting the environment and people living in it by applying an intersectional lens, raising awareness, fostering community engagement, and by creating space and partnerships to empower stewardship.  In her spare time, you can find her exploring and photographing the natural world, long distance running, and playing music on the guitar or ukulele.  Ariel can be reached at