In late October, we hired and trained a crew to help Dry Creek and Mill Creek property owners recover from the Walbridge fire. Our new crew includes a former EMT, a volunteer firefighter, a vineyard manager, one of our Clean Team crew members, and a local landscape contractor.

We have been installing straw wattles around burned structures and vehicles, laying jute fabric on critical steep bare slopes, spreading native seed mix, and spreading straw mulch. This decreases erosion and keeps toxic runoff from our creeks, river, and ocean. The photo above shows Healdsburg local Erik Dolgushkin on our crew, who is using a chainsaw to buck up fallen trees to spread across the hillslope as erosion control over our spread straw.

Our goal is to move into other areas of the Walbridge Fire as well as begin working in the Glass Fire area before the end of the year.  We want to help as many property owners as possible with our limited budget and are targeting most critical habitat areas first.

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