Hanson Floodplain Restoration

One thing we have learned over the last five years working on the Hanson project is novel approaches to restoration do not happen rapidly! This project seeks to convert four large gravel pits back into productive floodplains that will help feed baby salmon, eliminate mercury contamination of local fish and birds, reduce flooding and erosion and improve the health of the Russian River. After the hard work of completing the Feasibility Study, the project is now working on engineered designs, construction timing and studies to ensure the project doesn’t create water quality issues for the nearby Windsor wells or Sonoma County Water Agency wells downstream. Noble Engineering was selected for the design work and Ludorf and Scalamini is conducting the groundwater studies. The US Army Corps of Engineers is assisting the project and working to help with design and possibly project funding. Riverkeeper is working directly with the Project team from EHC, NOAA Fisheries, CA Coastal Conservancy and on historical and background information, design, public outreach and funding. We are hopeful that the Project will progress at a more rapid rate and proceed to environmental reviews by this time next year and construction by 2023!

Executive Summary

Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design

Site Plan Map


Hanson Article, Don McEnhill – Riverkeeper