Fire Recovery and Watershed Protection


Property owners affected by the Tubbs Fire: The County of Sonoma has contracted with Russian Riverkeeper to provide you with free erosion control products and services.

ALERT: You are responsible for installing and maintaining erosion controls to prevent sediment and other pollutants from leaving your property when it rains. Russian Riverkeeper is here to help you meet that requirement at NO COST to you.

ACT NOW: We are currently providing property owners who will not be in active grading or construction until after April 2019 or whom are selling their properties with: experienced, certified design services; maintenance and/or removal of non-functional or defective wattles; installation of erosion and sediment control devices including straw wattles, fabric, mulch, gravel bags, drainage rock and more.

You are required by local city and county ordinances to ensure your property is fully protected from erosion in future rain events. Rain is in the forecast.


Russian Riverkeeper is fully insured for liability and bonded. To receive our products and services, we just need consent to access your property. ANY property affected by the Tubbs Fire and that will not be in active construction, grading or tree removal until after April 2019 is eligible.

Please contact Bob Legge at:  or call our office at (707) 433-1958. As of February 2019 we have assisted over 80 property owners. Nothing is too big or too small. By protecting your property, we protect our waterways. Looking forward to serving you.