Water Privatization

Water Privatization
Water Privatization Conflicts
A class web site on water privatization and commodification produced by students of Geography 378 (International Environmental Problems & Policy) at the University of Wisconsin, Spring 2004 under the direction of Professor Zoltan Grossman.
“In her book Water Wars, the Indian author Vandana Shiva lists nine principles underpinning water democracy. At least two of these principles are directly compromised by the privatization of water. She states that “Water must be free for sustenance needs. Since nature gives water to us free of cost, buying and selling it for profit violates our inherent right to nature’s gift and denies the poor of their human rights.” When private companies try to make large profits through high water prices, it denies the poor the inalienable right to the most necessary substance for life.” Read more…
Public Citizen
As the world’s water becomes scarce and corporations seek to exploit this scarcity for profit, people around the world are losing ownership and control of water resources on which they depend. Water is a human right; to the extent one has the right to live, one has the right to water. Public Citizen’s Water for All Campaign is dedicated to protecting water as a common resource, stopping water privatization and bulk water sales, and defending access to clean and affordable water around the world.  Read more…