Restoration News

Summer Notes from the Field

It's been a while since you've heard from us. We've been busy!   Our season of fire recovery work came to a close in early April. We are so grateful we had the opportunity [...]

Riverkeeper Stewardship Park

If you want to wander among native trees and grasses, watch birds or gaze at the river, Riverkeeper Stewardship Park welcomes you.  The address is 16153 Main Street, Guerneville, although the park is not visible from [...]

Harry and Maggie Wetzel Native Plant Garden

Harry and Maggie Wetzel Native Plant Garden On May 26th, 2012 the Wetzel Native Plant Garden public park held its Grand Opening ceremony with the Wetzel Family pictured below. The Wetzel Native Plant Garden is one [...]

Field Notes

Our Hanson project near the town of Windsor will transform four old abandoned gravel pits into productive river floodplain and will serve as a model for future restoration projects along the Russian River, California, and the [...]

April 2020 Field Notes

Our field crew has been busy with maintenance tasks on our creek restoration projects, which means lots of weeding, and monitoring the recovering vegetation. It is always so rewarding to see fresh new growth emerging from [...]

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