Join Russian Riverkeeper to clean up the Russian River Watershed during the month of September!

This year, cleanups will take place throughout the Russian River Watershed each weekend of September. It’s easy to participate and we provide all the gloves, trash grabbers, and bags. Volunteers will receive a special gift!

Registration is set up by check-in location where you’d like to participate on what date. From each registration location, volunteers will be able to choose various beach walking routes based on where the trash is! At the registration supplies will be provided if needed, but you are encouraged to bring your own face mask, gloves or other supplies if you have them.

The 2020 Russian River Watershed Cleanup will continue to remove the litter from beachgoers before the winter rains wash them to the ocean. We can’t save the ocean unless we stop sending our trash downstream. You can help us break that cycle! Together we can stop adding to the great Pacific Garbage Patch in the middle of the ocean (it’s as big as Texas!).

We look forward to supporting cleanups in a healthy and responsible way this September for a cleaner Russian River and Pacific Ocean!

What’s new this year?

This year’s Russian River Watershed Cleanup will incorporate CDC guidelines in order to create a safe experience for all! We will have several scheduled cleanups in September on weekends rotating throughout the watershed as well as an option to set up your own independent cleanup at your convenience. Supplies and additional waivers will be provided as needed at predetermined locations for pickup and drop-off. We even have a special surprise for each of our volunteers as a thank you for your ongoing stewardship and commitment!

PLEASE NOTE: A copy of your liability waiver MUST be on file prior to joining the cleanups on September 26th and is available here:

Cleanup & Covid Liability Waiver

Send waiver to

Cleanup Locations and Times (Click the link to sign up):

  • Saturday, September 26th, 2020 9:00 am-11:00 am

*Please indicate on waiver which location you will be attending.

Independent Cleanups

Email to indicate location, number of volunteers (12 max per independent cleanup), and any questions you might have. Share your mailing address with us and we’ll send you a thank you gift!

Make sure you share a picture of what you find on social media with #russianriverkeepercleanteam and tag us on Facebook and Instagram

If you have questions about our September cleanups, please contact:

Ariel Majorana, development and events coordinator, at (707) 684-9462.

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