Water Reporter Observations

Water Reporter is an exciting and powerful new tool for us to get more eyes on the watershed and document what’s going on, both good and bad.  This platform can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or desktop for free.  Anyone can quickly create a profile and help us to watch the Russian River watershed.  Once you are logged in, take the best photograph that you can with your phone and report it on site, or download it into your desktop and note the location on the map.  Check the box to share your report with Russian Riverkeeper, and type “#russianriverkeeper” to tag us and our administrator will be notified via email and will be able to take quick action.  Take a look at this interactive map of our reports so far.  We intend to use Water Reporter to study populations of macroinvertebrates in different areas of the River, reporting locations of invasive plants, to keep informed of new trash problems, as well as documenting polluters and illegal acts.  To view all of the reports which tag Russian Riverkeeper so far, visit:  https://www.waterreporter.org/community/tags/russianriverkeeper

Click here for an overview of the Water Reporter platform