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Russian Riverkeeper’s March for Science Overview of BAD U.S. Congressional Bills to OPPOSE:


Attacks on Scientific Integrity of the Environmental Protection Agency:

HR 637:   Stopping EPA Overreach Act Stops all actions at EPA related to Climate Change or

HR 861:   To Terminate the EPA Abolishes the EPA – no more Clean Air and Water

HR 1430: HONEST Act Prohibits EPA from proposing regulations based on science

HR 1431: EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act Corporate lobbyist “scientists” take place of real scientists

Dirty Water Bills based on profits not science to OPPOSE!

HR 465:   Water Quality Improvement Act Allows cities to avoid cleaning up sewage if too costly –

HR 1179: Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act Helps wealthy corporations to stop pollution lawsuits

HR 848:   Farm Regulatory Certainty Act Shields giant factory farms from pollution lawsuits

HR 953   Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act Stops EPA & CA from banning pesticides near waterways


Overview of California Bills to stop Trump’s agenda in your home state

Support these bills that fill gaps in federal protections we stand to lose!

SB 49: Preserve CA Bill – Adds citizen lawsuit provision and makes Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species protections enforceable under state law and would close gaps between existing Federal protections and current state law This is the most critical bill in CA and we need to pass 100%, Trumps supporters already targeting the Citizen Lawsuit provision that holds polluter accountable to the communities they operate in.

SB 50: Protects Federal lands in state from sale for resource extraction – stops Trump from drilling on our coast!

SB 51: Protects science from federal censorship & protects CA federal employees who whistleblow on Trump.



So you have the list of bad bills….now what? If you’ve never lobbied Congress, the best guide is the Indivisible Guide that you can find online, they provide step by step instructions and listings or all phones numbers in DC you will need.


If you have more time you can really drag down Trump’s agenda by engaging in the rulemaking process that all his Executive Orders have to go through before they are enacted. A great blog post outlines all the steps to find what public comment opportunities are available and the background on rules so you can weigh in and stop or slow Trump’s War on the Earth! Click over to Think Progress to learn more!


We have more comprehensive lists of bad legislation we can share if you want to do more, email for a listing of bills we need help opposing!