Summer Notes from the Field

It's been a while since you've heard from us. We've been busy!   Our season of fire recovery work came to a close in early April. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to help our community and watershed heal from [...]

Walbridge & Glass Fire Recovery Efforts

After the Walbridge and Glass Fires devastated our community last year, we quickly assembled a skilled 5-person crew to help properties recover and to protect the Russian River Watershed from toxic runoff. So far, we've accomplished the following: 64 properties helped 12 creeks protected [...]

Fire Recovery Crew Protecting Watershed

In late October, we hired and trained a crew to help Dry Creek and Mill Creek property owners recover from the Walbridge fire. Our new crew includes a former EMT, a volunteer firefighter, a vineyard manager, one of our Clean Team crew members, and [...]

We’re Hiring

Instrucción en español a continuación. Erosion Control Installer: $25 per hour This is a temporary part-time hourly position of 30-40 hours per week for up to one year.  Up to 3 days paid sick leave after 90 days. The Erosion Control Installer will report [...]

Walbridge Fire Recovery

Sonoma County is conducting a watershed assessment of potential impacts from the Walbridge Fire focusing on erosion, landslides, road culverts, flooding and water quality protection. This will help them prioritize areas of greatest need and funding. County, state, and federal funding will be distributed [...]

Fire Recovery & Watershed Restoration

After a wildfire, there are several impacts to our watershed and natural resources such as erosion and debris flows and the proliferation of invasive plant species.  Wildfires can melt plastic pipe road culverts and leave many hazardous trees near roadways.  The County of Sonoma’s [...]

Fire Recovery

9/11/2020 Update: After the Tubbs and Kincade fires, the County of Sonoma contracted with Russian Riverkeeper to provide landowners with free erosion control products and services. We hope to be able to offer the same support to help you recover from the Walbridge fire. [...]

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