A Wealth of Resources

If you want to dig deep into the issues, you’ve come to the right place.

Educational Resources
Interesting links to all things water!

Russian Riverkeeper YouTube Channel
Find videos for “Farming for Mother Nature” with Paul Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farms, “Return to Dry Farming”, Watershed Kids”, “#saveit” water conservation video, Gravel Mining video and more. You can even link to Waterkeeper Alliance videos on a variety of subjects, check it out at link above!

The Russian River watershed has a rich and illustrious history. If you’re looking for vintage maps, photos, drawings, illustrations, articles, and the like, this section is for you.

A Stewardship Guide for Property Owners

Links to city, county, and state elected officials.

Contains links to existing media (photos, videos, etc.)

There are many organizations in the Russian River watershed that are directly involved in the protection, preservation, restoration, and use of our watershed. Some are focused on a particular creek or section of the river. Others are focused on a city or region. Some national and international organizations are also listed.

Quotations & Stories
Listed here are sources for water-related quotations as well as oral histories from our local residents of the watershed.

This section is for scientists, chemists, horticulturalists, and others who want to research existing papers, studies, and white papers on water-related topics and also keep up-to-date on current studies.

Water Agencies
This section lists water agencies, both local & state, along with names, titles, and contact information.

Water Allocation
Links to issues regarding competition for Russian River water. Studies showing uses by agriculture, businesses, cities, citizens. Figures showing how much water is imported and/or exported in/out of Mendocino, Sonoma, and Northern Marin counties, etc.

Water Privatization
What’s happening as a general trend toward water privatization. Bolivia example. Links to Blue Gold movie.

Watershed Info
What is a watershed? How does water cycle in a watershed? What kinds of plants and animals populate our watershed?

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