Over the past 100 years, the Russian River has lost 75% of its size
due to channelization, gravel mining, agriculture, and urban development.

As Russian Riverkeeper approaches its 25th anniversary we invite you to dream of the day the Russian River will be a healthier river; a river that once again has floodplains to help prevent major flooding; a river free of pollution; a river full of coho salmon and steelhead trout with abundant wildlife on its banks; a river with parks and walks along-side, so you may enjoy its beauty; a river with easy access for canoes and kayaks; a river that creates memories to last a lifetime. Give today!

Russian Riverkeeper serves all communities by restoring and sustaining the health of the Russian River.

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Hanson Floodplain Restoration

This project seeks to convert four large gravel pits back into productive floodplains that will help feed baby salmon, eliminate mercury contamination of local fish and birds, reduce flooding and erosion and improve the health of the Russian River.

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Ripp'n River Bash

July 27, 2019

Great Russian River Race

May 4th Sign up here!

Windsor Trash Cleanup

April 13th Get info here!