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Major Initiatives

Hanson Restoration

Converting old gravel mining pits into open space.

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Trash Cleanup

Removing trash from around the river and so much more.

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Got Water?

We all need to conserve water to keep our river flowing.

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Drinkable. Fishable. Swimmable.


Action Alert: Your River Needs Water

Sonoma Water has slashed river flow to 50 cfs above Healdsburg and 60 cfs in the lower river. If river flow is cut that deeply, hot summer weather will likely trigger harmful algae blooms and recreation will [...]

Is it safe to swim?

The question Russian Riverkeeper is asked most is: “Is it safe to swim in the river?” The simple answer is yes for most people most of the time. Hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors swim [...]

Environmentalists for Black Lives Matter

Russian Riverkeeper grieves with our Nation over the murder of George Floyd. Systemic racism impacts all aspects of our society, including our natural environment. People of color suffer disproportionate impacts from pollution like smog and environmental hazards like [...]

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