Sonoma County is conducting a watershed assessment of potential impacts from the Walbridge Fire focusing on erosion, landslides, road culverts, flooding and water quality protection. This will help them prioritize areas of greatest need and funding.

County, state, and federal funding will be distributed in the next three weeks to local groups like Russian Riverkeeper, Sonoma Resources Conservation District, Sonoma Ecology Center and Community Soil to help property owners recover from fire.

Supervisor Gore’s office and County Office of Emergency Services and Office of Resiliency and Recovery will also provide information updates on resources available.

Currently Russian Riverkeeper and Sonoma Resource Conservation District, working with Natural Resource Conservation Service are conducting hazards assessments. Riverkeeper is working on erosion hazard assessments and SCRD can offer vegetation and timber assessments and overall erosion assessments.

Birkin Newell, Programs Manager at Russian Riverkeeper is the point of contact for erosion assessments and can be reached at or 707-775-1416.

Shannon Drew, program assistant at Sonoma Resource Conservation District can be reached at, 569-1448 x110

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