#SaveIt Challenge

Here in California, we all know that we need to make water conservation a way of life.  Using less water makes sense for the environment and for our bank accounts.

As climate change brings increasing periods of scorching heat, you can do your part for a healthy flowing river by committing to use less water year-round. Even the smallest changes can accumulate to make a big impact.

Russian Riverkeeper launched the #SaveIt challenge to find out how much you can save. Send us your story and we’ll share on on our social media.

Kids Can #SaveIt!

Russian Riverkeeper teamed up with Intrepid Productions and H-Town Youth Theatre to create this video on how to conserve water in your home, and why it’s important. Kids make great environmental stewards!

Families Can #SaveIt

Russian Riverkeeper Don McEnhill and his family use about 50 gallons of water per person in their Healdsburg home. Don gives tips on how they do it. Video by John Burgess, The Press Democrat.

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