Sonoma Water has slashed river flow to 50 cfs above Healdsburg and 60 cfs in the lower river. If river flow is cut that deeply, hot summer weather will likely trigger harmful algae blooms and recreation will come to a halt.

We need to save today so we can play tomorrow.

Our river economy is struggling during COVID-19, and we can’t let safe summertime fun be a casualty. Now, more than ever, we need the river for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

You can keep your river flowing.

If you haven’t already, simply send your public comment letter to the State Water Resources Control Board. We’ve already done most of the letter writing for you! It’ll only take a minute to add a line or two about why you care about your river, who you are, and where you live.

Comments must be sent by 8/31 at 4:30 PM.

Simply send an email to: and and copy:

RE: Comment Protesting Approval of Sonoma Water TUC

Dear Jane Ling and Members of the Board,

I am writing to oppose Sonoma Water Agency’s petition requesting further decreases to Russian River flows by 25–35 cfs in both the upper and lower river. As written, this petition should not be granted because it does not require the implementation of best water practices for all Russian River water users. Both Sonoma Water and the State Water Board must require mandatory conservation measures be put in place so that the negative impact on the overall river is reduced and to ensure that any effects on Lake Mendocino water storage is limited.

I care about the Russian River and its health because ***CUSTOMIZE TO SAY WHY YOU LOVE THE RIVER, HOW YOU USE IT, AND HOW YOU’LL BE IMPACTED*** Reduced water flows are known to increase toxic harmful algal blooms (HAB) just like we experienced during the last drought, and they put me and my family’s health at risk. Plus, HABs significantly limit my ability to recreate and enjoy the river fully. Conservation measures must be implemented to protect against these harms by ensuring that flow is not dangerously reduced. Things like limiting urban water use by 25% and curtailing agricultural irrigation is the only fair way to ensure our state waters are not used unreasonably and beneficial uses are not harmed.

If granted, this petition will decrease the amount of water for recreation, decrease circulation, increase water temperatures, and increase the number of HABs in the Russian River. To protect against these harms, Sonoma Water and the State Water Board must do everything they can to ensure our precious water is used in the most efficient manner, and that any necessary flow reductions are minimal. Droughts will continue and regulators must act with that in mind. We cannot decrease Russian River flows indefinitely—steps must be taken now.

The Russian River has a long history of providing summer relief to residents and tourists alike. Mandatory conservation measures are necessary to protect our River from further impairment and to ensure all use is efficient.




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