The River Needs Your Help!


The Russian River watershed is in severe drought and the hottest days of summer are still to come. Scant rainfall and alarmingly low reservoirs mean there simply isn't enough water to go around. The State Water Board is considering passing emergency measures to address dire water shortages in the Russian River watershed. These proposed regulations [...]

The River Needs Your Help!2021-06-15T17:35:12-07:00

Can we Protect Nature by Giving it Rights?


Rights of Nature is is a growing international movement that recognizes natural systems not simply as resources for humans to use, but as living entities with rights of their own. It has the potential to transform American law and protect watersheds like the Russian River. Traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous peoples refined over thousands of [...]

Can we Protect Nature by Giving it Rights?2021-05-20T21:21:59-07:00

Don’t Love Your River to Death This Summer


With half of Sonoma County adults fully vaccinated for Covid-19, summertime fun has already begun on the Russian River. Unfortunately, these outings mean more coolers, more dogs, more trash, and a greater risk of fire. We all need to do our part to love the river without loving it to death. Here are some ways [...]

Don’t Love Your River to Death This Summer2021-05-20T21:08:06-07:00

Russian Riverkeeper Clean Team Program Director Chris Brokate Announces Retirement


After removing 1.5M pounds of trash, Chris Brokate is moving on to his well-deserved semi-retirement in real estate in Ecuador. Though we bet he’ll be taking his garbage picker with him, or maybe enough for 20 volunteers! “It has been an amazing 6 1/2 years doing this project here on the Russian River and I [...]

Russian Riverkeeper Clean Team Program Director Chris Brokate Announces Retirement2021-05-21T10:43:19-07:00

No Time – or Water – to Waste


The “new normal” is a phrase we have heard a lot since COVID lockdowns started over a year ago. Now it is time to repurpose that phrase for the next crisis we are facing in our watershed—drought. Historically, California has been known for its Mediterranean climate with drier summers and mild, wet winters. On occasion [...]

No Time – or Water – to Waste2021-05-19T11:41:55-07:00

Uncharted Waters for the River This Summer


This past Sunday, while out on the River, we observed the clearest waters we can remember seeing in over 50 years. With 25+ feet of visibility, we could see the bottom of some of the deepest pools—from Geyserville to Healdsburg at Diggers Bend and Warnecke Ranch—it was incredible! Normally, we would be lucky to have [...]

Uncharted Waters for the River This Summer2021-04-14T13:41:24-07:00

Water Conservation Tips


Our last newsletter shared the tough news that drought is, once again, looming in our watershed. One supporter sent us a note about how she plans to to do her part to conserve water. We've printed it below anonymously with her permission. Let us know if you have any tips on how to love our [...]

Water Conservation Tips2021-04-14T12:45:35-07:00

Let’s Put the Clean Back into the Clean Water Act


In 1969, an oil slick on the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire – the thirteenth fire of its kind in the river’s history. But this time, the fire ignited a national movement to protect our environment. In response, Congress passed the Clean Water Act in 1972, setting a goal to restore and maintain clean [...]

Let’s Put the Clean Back into the Clean Water Act2021-03-11T14:19:45-08:00

Walbridge & Glass Fire Recovery Efforts


After the Walbridge and Glass Fires devastated our community last year, we quickly assembled a skilled 5-person crew to help properties recover and to protect the Russian River Watershed from toxic runoff. So far, we've accomplished the following: 64 properties helped 12 creeks protected Wine Creek, Grape Creek, Chapman Branch Creek, Crane Creek, Pechaco Creek, [...]

Walbridge & Glass Fire Recovery Efforts2021-03-11T14:39:33-08:00
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