9/11/2020 Update: After the Tubbs and Kincade fires, the County of Sonoma contracted with Russian Riverkeeper to provide landowners with free erosion control products and services. We hope to be able to offer the same support to help you recover from the Walbridge fire. We’ve already started to work to secure funding and will update our website when we have more details to offer.

Russian Riverkeeper can help you install and maintain erosion controls to prevent sediment and other pollutants from leaving your property when it rains. Last year, we assisted over 80 property owners.  By protecting your property, we protect our waterways and our river community.

We are currently providing property owners with:

  • Free Erosion control assessments and outlook
  • Re-vegetation advice to restore with native plants
  • Erosion control products and installation (Free funding from the County still available for  Kincade fire damage)
  • Connect you to other wildfire recovery resources for bridges, culverts and forest recovery

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